Our History

We have been around, since 1996 in fact when brand activation was something you had to explain...
That’s when Carl Lewis still won Olympic medals, when the Macarena was a smash hit and Dolly was born. That was the time when Bananas started inspiring clients by activating their brands. Continuously pioneering at a time when this all was new and adventurous. We’ve learned it the hard way.
Along the way we built our own proprietary BACS software, developed a game changing channel planning tool, and continuously improved our logistic knowledge to keep activating brands.
We’ve also moved two times and are currently located in Vilvoorde, near Brussels. We had the opportunity to build local and international brands where it matters the most: in the hands of consumers. Always with the intention of creating a unique memory point through human interaction.
Bananas has its roots in Belgium but also opened an office in the United Kingdom (London). Today we still aim to be a default business partner for great brands by activating them through consumers & channels. That’s simply what we’re good at and what we passionately do each day: true brand activation!


Data-driven mindset

Our aim is to transform data into insights and inisghts into actions. We developed a custom tool for our clients that centralises all the data of their brand activation campaigns in one platform. The client receives all the information in a dashboard: live-data, completely transparent. 

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